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Product code : S0069-Y
Choose a Colour : Light Yellow
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Sunscreen shirt for women matching moved outdoors, working outdoors

With 100% cotton material helps absorb sweat and always feels cool though going in the sun.

Austrian standards to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays at the scale of excellence in standards of UV protection are applied in the world today. The level of protection from sun is over 98%. Products meet European standards and achieve the certification test standards UPF 50 excellent anti-rays of the official institutions of the government of Australia - one of the most prestigious organizations in the world in the certification for this category of garments

Shirt is designed with headgear, convenient zippered pocket conveniently both parties when the customer can leave the phone, key in the process of moving. Especially with special design of the sleeve, which protects 100% from the arm to the fingers for customers traveling by motorbike; with this design, customers can fold up neatly when walking or without using the department protect the fingers.

With suitable design with fashion trends, customers can use this product's outer Vizzybull for chilly weather

To enhance the maximum efficiency and convenience for customers, we have bundled bags. The bag is compact design perfect for customers after using foldable coat jacket and bag for easy storage and carrying

Chúng tôi sẽ hoàn trả tiền sản phẩm trong vòng 15 ngày kể từ ngày thanh toán với những lỗi thuộc về sản xuất

200gsm, pre-shrunk 100% cotton drill; got certificate UPF 50 excellent